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Renault Radio Serial On-Screen

How to find your Renault serial number

Renault Example Radio label

Get your serial number from the radios label

The next step which guarantees getting the serial number for your Renault radio is to removed the unit.

This is very simple and 90% of radios just require the use of radio release keys which free the radio to be pulled forwards.

If your radio does not have the pre-drilled holes in each corner, simply remove the outer trim surrounding the radio unit & 4 screws will be holding the radio in place.

the serial number will be printed on the label clearly and will be 1 letter and 3 numbers, often at the end of a longer series of numbers.

If you are unsure of the serial number take a picture of any labels before putting back into the dash so there is no need to remove the unit once again.

Renault Error On-Screen

How To Enter Renault Radio Code

Enter the radio code when you see four horizontal lines on the display screen. If you see the word wait, you need to leave the radio switched on for up to 1 hour this will allow the radio to reset.

If Lock 10 is on-screen just press and hold the preset button 6 whilst turning the radio on this will give you 3 final attempts to enter the correct code.

If your radio is displays Locked 13 then the code will be of no use as this radio would need to be manually decoded.


  • Press 1 repeatedly for the first digit of your code.
  • Press 2 repeatedly for the second digit of your code.
  • Press 3 repeatedly for the third digit of your code.
  • Press 4 repeatedly for the fourth digit of your code.
  • Once your radio code is showing on the display
  • press & hold the number 6 button until you hear an confirmation beep.
Locked Renault Radio
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